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Naked60BMP Build Guide


Component List

Additional Materials

Additional Resources

Assembled PCB Detail Photos

Use the following high resolution photo to help place the components included with the kit.

Naked60BMP PCB Front

Naked60BMP PCB Back

The Build

Install Diodes

More detailed information about soldering diodes can be found here. Be sure to add all 60 diodes.

Install Low Profile Sockets (optional)

Low Profile Sockets

Install Pro Micro

Pro Micro

Installing the Pro Micro at this time will allow for a quick test of the PCB to make sure all switch footprints respond appropriately. More detailed information about testing PCBs can be found here.

Install Hotswap Sockets

Install Switches

Now is a good time to remove the small stabilizer bar that comes installed on linear and tactile choc switches. This is optional, but it removes the rattling sound when typing or just moving the keyboard.

Install Switches

Prepare Cover

Spray the alcantara material with waterproofing spray. This is an optional step, but could be be handy in the event of an accidental spill.

Prepare Bottom Plate

Double sided tape should be applied to the top edge of the back plate. Be careful not to cover the screw holes. Don’t remove the backing tape.

Bottom Plate Preparation

This step should be skipped if the Yukata Cover may be removed in the future. If skipped, the cover will open wider than designed.

Screw the Cover Fabric on to the Bottom Plate

Start by adding screws to the four corners of the board. It helps to thread the screw through the cover material first and then through the PCB.

Attach Bottom Plate to Fabric

If there are wrinkles in the fabric, loosen the screws and retighten after flattening the cover.

Remove Backing Tape from Bottom Plate

Once removed, carefully press the cover fabric onto the PCB. Be careful not to create wrinkles. Peel up on the fabric and reapply if wrinkles appear.

Attach Keyboard to Bottom Plate

Wait to install the screws around the sides and bottom of the keyboard. Only install the two inner screws to hold everything in place.

Attach Keyboard to Bottom Plate

Add Double Sided Tape to Cover Fabric

Add Tape to Corner

Add Tape to Corner

Screw Sides of Cover Fabric on to Switch Plate

Remove the double sided tape on the side being worked on and fold the fabric over the switches. Use 3mm screws to attach the fabric to the Switch Plate.

Secure Sides

The top corner of each side will require very strong double sided tape or hot glue to keep the cover fabric attached to the keyboard.

Fold Corner

Glue Corner

Screw Bottom of Cover Fabric on to Switch Plate

Remove the backing from the double sided tape and screw the fabric down on to the switch plate. It helps to work from the middle out.

Secure Bottom

Use the 4mm screws on the bottom corners of the keyboard.

Secure Corners

Attach the Magnetic Clasp to the Middle Art Plate

The female side of the clasp should be attached to the middle plate. Try to spread the legs out as far as possible to tightly hold the clasp to the PCB. Some tape could help secure things if they feel loose.

Attach Magnetic Clasp

Prepare the Cover Art Plate

Attach the male side of the magnetic clasp to the Cover Art Plate. Again, try to spread those legs out as wide as possible.

Prepare Cover Art Plate

As a test, place the Cover Support Plate onto the Cover Art Plate. If the clasp sticks out past the Support Plate, there is a chance it will show when the cover fabric is applied on top. Try to spread those legs out as wide as possible.

Prepare the Cover Support Plate

Be generous with the tape, but only apply a single layer. Any gaps in the tape can show through when the Cover Fabric is applied, so try to keep the tape as close as possible.

Prepare Cover Support

Fold extra tape around the backside of the plate. It will be useful later when adhering the edges of the cover fabric.

Fold Tape over Support Plate

Carefully adhere the Cover Support Plate to Cover Fabric

Take your time.

Remove the backing material from the tape and align the bottom corners of the Support Plate to the Cover Fabric. Gently lay the Support Plate onto the Cover Fabric.

Check the alignment and adjust if necessary. Once all is well, press down on the Support Plate to firmly adhere it to the fabric. Whew.

Fold Cover Fabric over the Support Plate

Adhere to Cover Fabric

Add Tape to Cover Support Plate

Apply double sided tape to the Support Plate. Covering the fabric edges with the tape is recommended and will help keep the edges in place.

Add Tape to Cover Support

Adhere the Cover Art Plate to the Support Plate

Align the bottoms and gently lay it down.

Attach Cover Art Plate

Install the Middle Art Plate

Install Middle Plate

Install Keycaps

Install Keycaps

Install the Rubber Feet

Install Rubber Feet


It wasn’t easy, but it sure was worth it.